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But we can if you want. My No Nonsense but fun 'Get it Done' approach pushes all ages and sizes to reach amazing long term results, feeling good inside and out.

World Class Personal Training in Iver, Bucks

My name is Darren Richardson. My fitness journey started in martial arts where I achieved Black Belt status in several disciplines and went on to compete becoming a 9 x British, European, 4 x World Cup Winner and 2 x World Kickboxing Champion for the WKA (World Kickboxing Association). I have been operating in West London and more recently am proud to offer my bespoke services at Pinewood Film Studios, Iver, Buckinghamshire at the Kingsbury Fitness Studio logistically closer to my young family and broadening my availability. I offer world class personal training and boxing/padwork skills.

Personal Training

Together we will design your Resistance training programs in accordance to your goals, desires and training experience. Metabolism boosting Compound lifts using Barbells and Dumbbells will likely to feature primarily in our weight training sessions.

Boxing & Martial Arts

Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts are the disciplines I love and in this field I consider myself to be one of the premier coaches in the UK..
Nutrition is the foundation of our health. 


Every fitness and training objective needs to be supported with good nutrition and hydration if we are to stand any chance of accomplishing our target. 


Understand the true meaning of a great workout. Look forward to good food. Transform your body and your life permanently.

"Darren has been great at creating varied programmes to work all the muscle groups and also focus on my specific goals, so training is never boring and no two sessions are the same. He works me very hard but in a safe way, to minimise the risk of injury but maximise progress. I’ve really surprised myself by achieving all the goals we’ve set so far"

“It’s been 8 years since I started training with Darren and I know for a fact there is nobody out there that does Thai/Kick and traditional Boxing training like Darren on top of new strength and conditioning methods we are constantly recalibrating my goals and I never get bored! I find every session whilst very hard thoroughly enjoyable.

“I’ve been training with Darren for a year now. I had posture problems as well as limited range of motion in my right shoulder. With Darren’s customised training programs, both have improved significantly, to a level that I had never realised was achievable. Definitely for those who are serious about their goals”


I love what I do. let me help you.