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Understand the true meaning of a great workout. Look forward to good food. Transform your body and your life permanently.


"Darren has been great at creating varied programmes to work all the muscle groups and also focus on my specific goals, so training is never boring and no two sessions are the same. He works me very hard but in a safe way, to minimise the risk of injury but maximise progress. I’ve really surprised myself by achieving all the goals we’ve set so far"

“It’s been 8 years since I started training with Darren and I know for a fact there is nobody out there that does Thai/Kick and traditional Boxing training like Darren on top of new strength and conditioning methods we are constantly recalibrating my goals and I never get bored! I find every session whilst very hard thoroughly enjoyable.

“I’ve been training with Darren for a year now. I had posture problems as well as limited range of motion in my right shoulder. With Darren’s customised training programs, both have improved significantly, to a level that I had never realised was achievable. Definitely for those who are serious about their goals”

“I’ve been training with Darren for over a year and found him through a recommendation. Best move I ever made. I hate the gym and find it very boring on my own and now find myself travelling 1 hour in the morning twice a week to work out with Darren

Darren also used his MAT expertise to resolve long standing muscle imbalances to the point where I rarely need this treatment now because of the strengthening work we’ve done. I really look forward to my gym sessions with Darren because he is a great motivator, understands my need for variety in our sessions and is a very grounded all round really nice guy who makes me work really hard to achieve the results I need.”


I love what I do. let me help you.